Printing & Reprographics

Off-Campus Vendors & Bidding

Campus Policy Number: 350-60

Policy Owner: Printing & Reprographics (04/10/2002)

Printing & Reprographics has the “first right of refusal”

for all campus related printing jobs.

When deemed necessary due to time or cost restraints, Printing & Reprographics (P&R) will obtain printing from off-campus vendors. Maximum savings can be realized because of familiarity of technical requirements and minimum bids.

  1. Request Procedure
    All requests for printing must be submitted using P&R's online work order system on our web site at
    http://pnr.ucr.edu. Departments are entitled to competitive bidding on printing jobs, and may indicate on the work order "off-campus bidding" if they so desire. Any preferences for certain printers should also be noted on the work order. The work order, with the job specifications attached, should be forwarded to Printing & Reprographics. Each vendor, including P&R, must bid from the same specifications. The department will be contacted if clarification of the job specifications is needed, and the low bidder will be awarded the job.

    There are certain jobs that cannot be done on campus because of equipment and/or time limitations. If P&R chooses not to bid the job, the department will be notified, and the department will route a Purchase Requisition through P&R to Purchasing. When Printing & Reprographics bids a job, we will forward the Purchase Requisition to Purchasing along with the job specifications.

  2. Vendor Services
    Full vendor services of off-campus printing are also available through P&R. This includes all associated paperwork, pickup and delivery, and technical liaison as required. The mark-up for this service is between 2.5 percent to ten percent, depending upon job complexity and quantity. Additional mark-up of up to 30% may be charged on certain bindery functions.


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