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Does the University of California have an official copyright policy?

UC Systemwide does have an official copyright policy, which is BUS-53. You can find it at this link: http://www.ucop.edu/ucophome/policies/bfb/bus53.html

Scenario A:

An instructor wants a copy of one page of a book copied, it's last minute, but they feel that their class would benefit by having a copy of this.

Does it depend on the quantity of pages in the book?

Would this answer change if it was a page out of a magazine article?

This would probably be fine under the Fair Use clause, since it is spontaneaous and under 5 pages for a book. For a magazine you can usually copy one article or less, provided it is also less than 5 pages.

Scenario B: 

An instructor makes a small number of copies out of a book for distribution in a class on another machine outside of the copy center. What is the campus policy for instructors making copies in their departments or outside sources?

In this case the professor is violating copyright law, even though they aren't directly using the copy center. The chance of them being caught is miniscule, but the UC Systemwide BUS-53 policy states that the professor is personally liable for any copyright infringement if they should get caught.

Scenario C: 

We diligently obtain copyright approval for all materials that come over our counter for reproduction and distribution to classes, but in the case of a student copying pages out of a textbook, do we still file for copyright approval since they are using those materials for themselves?

The Fair Use portion of the Copyright law does allow for a teacher or student to make one personal copy for themselves. If they are making more than one copy for their fellow students, then that would be a violation of Copyright law.

Scenario D: 

An instructor may just have copied a few pages or an article that we are unaware of. What is the policy for instructors on campus in regards to copied material that they bring themselves to class?

If the professor made a spontaneous decision to produce just a few pages from a book or journal and if they are not selling the copies, then this probably qualifies under Fair Use.

Scenario E:

If the instructor is using less than this amount, may we copy it without obtaining copyright approval? What is the definition of Fair Use for educational purposes?

In the past your department has advised us that this is 10% of the materials. If our department staff said you could reproduce 10% of a book or journal, then that is wrong. Fair Use states: It must be a spontaneous decision (this disqualifies almost all course packs) You are copying less than 5 pages from a book or journal The copied material is for one-time use only and not used for other quarters No more than one short poem, article, story or essay from the same author The original copyright notice must appear on the reprinted work You cannot charge the students for more than the cost of photocopying.

Scenario F:

The statement "Reprinted with permission of (copyright holder name here)" is only used in cases of publication, not in the case of a reader or handed out materials, correct?

In the case of a reader, we are paying for copyright use and not getting the material for free and are charging a fee to recover this expense.

Do we need to stamp all readers with the permission statement?

Same question but on class handouts that we have obtained copyright permission but are providing to the students at no cost?

Basically this is correct --you don't have to say on the cover of a reader "Reprinted with permission of...." However, EACH article in a reader is supposed to have the original copyright notice appearing on it.

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