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Keeping Your Costs Down

Keeping Your Costs Down on Your Copies

...Including Your Office Laser Printer

Given the current budget stringencies even a few cents in savings can add up over the fiscal year!

Did you know according to Hewett Packard’s own research, the total cost for printing in color on a standard 8.5 x 11” bond sheet is more than 51 cents each on a small office printer? This price includes the very expensive ink or toner as well as the depreciation or eventual replacement cost of the printer. Even a black and white copy costs more than 9 cents each when all costs are considered, and that cost does not include the labor to produce the copy.
Our advice is to make sure your employees are aware of these costs and to print only when it is truly needed. This makes sense from a cost savings perspective as well as supporting our sustainability efforts. When larger volumes are needed (more than 20 copies), Printing & Reprographics can print for as low as 3.3 cents each for a black and white copy and as low as .22 cents each for color copies. Even further reductions in cost are possible with reduced sizes or increased quantities. As an example, color postcards can be printed for as little as .08 cents each.
These costs are minimal when compared to the cost when you use your desktop printer; as you can imagine this can add up to thousands of wasted dollars over the course of a year. As an example, we  recently finished a consulting effort for one unit where we showed how savings of over ,000 could be realized by “right sizing” their printing needs.
Our Printing Production Coordinators stand ready to help with printing specifications, job tracking, estimates, design, mailing and any other of your requirements. We can provide samples and mockups, and arrange pickup and delivery from your desk to ours. All of your requests can be handled seamlessly using our online P&R work order system without you ever leaving your desk.
Ready to get started?  E-mail us at printingrequest@ucr.edu or call Priscilla or Mitch at extension 2-4443 or 2-4444.

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